Health Clinic in Rome

Prevention is better than cure

The Health Clinic, in Rome, medical clinic is a Therapy and Research Multi-specialist Dentistry Centre and represents a reference Healthcare facility for the whole region of Lazio. The centre has the purpose of safeguarding, promoting and improving the health conditions of the local population and all the people requiring for our service, also by calling the toll-free number. The actions implemented by the specialist operators working in the big structure are inspired by the Italian Republic’s Constitutional Charter and in accordance with the principles and objectives stated in the healthcare and socio-welfare national and regional planning.

These are the grounds on which Health Clinic in Rome is based, created for the primary purpose of providing the doctors specialised in the different disciplines with clinics equipped for the examinations and the patients with a complete and qualified assistance. We take advantage of the collaboration with specialist doctors at the highest levels, of sophisticated instrumentation for the clinical and instrumental diagnosis that is now on top and of a new and modern structure provided with high quality standards and excellent comforts. The purpose of the Therapy and Research Multi-specialist Dentistry Clinic is to help citizens to manage their healthcare with a structure that, despite the fact that it is privately owned, offers a series of advantages also to those who cannot usually afford expensive cures. The Polyclinic offers users the opportunity to receive the LIFE CARD, a card that is highly advantageous at the reservation and A DISCOUNT OF 10% ON SPECIALIST AND DENTAL VISITS.

The synergy between highly motivated people makes the Health Clinic in Rome one of the most advanced structures in the Lazio region. Thanks to the high professionalism of our operators, the Therapy and Research Multi-specialist Dentistry Clinic performs treatments leading the patients to conveniently receive the cure prescribed by their GP whether of manual, physical or instrumental nature. Health Clinic has a highly-qualified staff adequately selected so as to satisfy any requirement. Every day, medical and paramedic staff cooperate for the purpose of providing the patients with a scrupulous diagnosis and a solution for their pathology.

Each one of them has a wealth of experience in their specific field and works with the other in harmony.